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Restoration of the marble decorations

Among the many damages suffered by the Sursock Palace during the explosion of August 4, some decorative marble elements, which gave this unique refinement to the palace, came loose from the walls and, when they fell, broke down in multiple fragments.Therefore, our spring campaign aimed to repair and replace the 78 damaged elements, i.e. 130 m² of white marble. It was the first step of a more general plan regarding the elements of the decorative surfaces blown away by the explosion (stucco, woodwork, carved ceilings, etc.)

In detail, the weakened marbles still in place were deposited, the old mortars cleaned off the walls and marbles, the broken elements re-glued, and the marbles re-installed on the walls.

The restoration works took one month and mobilised three to four artisans.

Through this action, we could provide work to local artisans and induce a social impact on the local know-how and activities towards preserving Cultural Heritage. It is a first step towards transforming the Sursock Palace into a Cultural Center open to all, and there is way to go. 

June – July 2021

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