Our Values

Sursock palace

Transparency and responsibility

We are accountable towards the Lebanese population by guaranteeing that we will only collaborate with the best (art conservation) experts to safeguard its cultural heritage.

We are accountable towards our donors and sponsors by guaranteeing that the money is solely dedicated to the projects they have chosen.

We are responsible for the usage of funds that we are entrusted with, and we strive for efficiency in our operations.

We are humble and dedicated in what we do, solely motivated and driven by our passion for the arts. We see the arts as an essential part of society and believe in its ability to build bridges between individuals.

Passion & Humility

Raouché Beirut

Trust and reliability

We are a trustworthy and reliable partner for all the parties involved in our projects. We are transparent in our actions.

restoration of the sursock palace

Our Missions

We want to promote and preserve Lebanese art while encouraging cultural exchange.

damaged sursock palace

Our Goals

Support education throught international ans local exchanges