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Our History

Work palace Sursock painting

The blast that devastated the port and the city center of Beirut caused a considerable number of victims. Moreover, this accident also endangered the art collections on site.

Gemmayzeh, Mar Mikhael, Achrafieh are all names that resonate in the hearts of the inhabitants of Beirut. Thus, these neighborhoods testify to a cultural heritage and an incredible wealth.  

So much so that it is this tangible and intangible heritage, enriched by all generations, that gives the city its unique character.

So much so that these neighborhoods combine contemporary architecture with an ancient traditional heritage. That is why this contrast defines the identity of the city today.

Why is the RestART Beirut Fund involved in the restoration?

This challenge would be a unique opportunity to overcome the social fractures of a traumatized urban community.

We wish to participate in this movement in multiple dimensions:

  • Educational, by raising awareness of the heritage and allowing the transmission of know-how in the work-schools. 
  • Economic and local with the revitalization of a network of Lebanese artists and craftsmen. This could consist in the creation of new jobs in this sector (mainly for young apprentices).
  • International, through numerous transnational cooperations.

The reconstruction of Beirut is a social project. It is about coordinating many individual initiatives (from volunteering to participatory financing). Therefore, all projects will allow the collective writing of a new chapter in the history of the city.

We wish to highlight, in these projects, the courage of the inhabitants of Beirut. They have always been able to recover from the dramatic events that have marked the long history of the country. 

That is why our main objective is not only to restore the past, but also to stimulate the artistic life of Beirut in the near future.

The Sursock Palace

Our flagship project focuses on the collections and restoration of the Sursock Palace and its opening to the public.  

After that, the Palace, future cultural center and artists’ residence, will become a development engine for the city.

For this project will reinforce the role of heritage in the socio-economic construction of Beirut. And this, by generating a strong dynamic of growth. 

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