Our Projects


Assessment mission on the decorative surfaces

The aim of the mission was twofold. On the one hand, to prepare a condition assessment in order to identify the conservation problems of the architectural decorations (wall paintings, stucco, decorated plasterwork) of the Sursock Palace. And on the other hand to identify possible collaborative activities with Lebanese institutions.

Restoration of the marble decorations

Among the many damages suffered by the Sursock Palace during the explosion of August 4, some decorative marble elements, which gave this unique refinement to the palace, came loose from the walls and, when they fell, broke down in multiple fragments.

Restoration of the main entry door

In early 2021, RestART Beirut was approached by the French association Mon Liban d’Azur (MLA), which had read from RestART Beirut’s mission and goals. MLA informed RestART Beirut that it wanted to donate money for the restoration of a very specific piece damaged by the explosion. After some discussions with the Palace owners, it was decided to allocate the funds to the restoration of the beautiful entrance door. The large entrance door, dating from 1915 and made up of two wings weighing 150 kilos each, was entirely restored by the Maison Tarazi team. The work was meticulously supervised and carried out by Camille Tarazi.


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